Sunday, January 18, 2009


I will start this blog with a very summarized story of my life events. I would like to cut it in three parts since it is a little bit long and so that you can catch on later on the following days. I hope you enjoy it since I enjoyed writting it and I honestly love reading personal stories that are inspiring


Small countries do not have too much to offer to artists. This is the phrase I grew up with. As I was growing up I started writing (Spanish definitely shows my skills better though :)

Through high school and my early years of confusion, I wrote three books that I couldn't finish because I complicated them so much that I could not undo the mess that I had created myself. During that time of my life I discovered my passion for creation.

My mother, who designs clothes, has always performed her best. Something kept me away from the dream of learning from her as I noticed how people would always underpay her greatest efforts and fine results.

My father runs his own upholstery shop. He could be the best in the country if people really cared about noticing such skills. I remember when he saw a serigraphy machine (silk-screening). It cost more money than he could ever imagine.
Since he was raising five kids and it was impossible to purchase the machine, he went ahead and invented how to get the same results by himself. He even created a small dark room that makes him lose a couple of pounds every time he goes in, mostly when the summer hits Costa Rica without any mercy.

These are me and my wonderful parents at a local restaurant in the small town where I grew up.

My father was the first person who got me interested in handbags and its passionate steps to manufacturing them. He has made leather bags for himself and the process seemed so difficult for my young eyes, but so much fun!

From then on, I realized I started recognizing women for the bag they carried and not for their faces. But the real interest in handbag designing didn’t come until many years later.

I didn't want to stay in my small town when I finished high school. All of my friends were ready to major in Administration, Accounting, and a whole bunch of careers that I found senseless.

I flew to NYC to be an au pair. For those of you who don't know, an au pair program recruits babysitters to the US to work for american families while living with them. What an annoying job to be honest! The money I got paid was so little and the job was so exhausting.
I started dating an Israeli student who I fell in love with in the time of a blink and we ended up not getting along at all. I missed my family like crazy and at the same time I fell in love with the city that had made my life so miserable.
After a year, I went back home. Back in my small town I met with a girl who was my best friend once and we talked a lot. She expressed her excitement about how I decided to leave our small town of small opportunities. She dreaded doing the same job at the bank everyday, meeting the same people and experiencing the same things year to year.

I will always debate myself whether I hate or love that saying that comes from every person’s mouth “Live your life to the fullest”. I honestly don’t believe anyone really knows what that means, when that time comes or when it is really happening…. But I also agree with the fact that this should be part of another blog article we will discuss in a near future.

I spent two more years in my home country. I had a blast. I moved to the coast and I was on the beach all the time, made tons of friends and lived a wonderful life full of party and laugh. But the feeling that I was stalked and not doing much of my life started to kick in.

These was Halloween 2005 in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica. From left to right, Vicky, Eli, me and Sandra. Fun fun times!!!


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  1. You write with such flow and grace, it was a pleasure to read!