Monday, February 2, 2009


For those of you who live in the city and those who are coming to visit, I gotta tell you Manhattan is not as expensive as everything that you see. Not such a thing! There are hidden spots where you can make a party with your $$$ and not feel guilty afterwards.

To be totally honest, I am a little bit cheap when shopping time comes. I also have a huge family back in Costa Rica, so if I am not careful with my money, after Christmas I can be in debt for a year when shopping for everyone.

Here I come with my dirty cheap NYC shopping places. Dirty cheap shopping spots belong in dirty areas….Sorry to start off like that, lol, but it’s true!

Pretty Girl:
This one might be well known by many people. They have a lot of stores all over NY. This shop is quit dirty cheap. Not everything is nice, but if you stay in the store for at least 10 minutes you’ll be able to find something nice. Prices go from $5 to 20$ as far as I’ve seen. The ones I’ve been to don’t even have a dressing room but I am really good at not trying clothes on before buying. Also this place is so cheap that if by any chance something doesn’t fit me the way I expected, I might end up passing it to any of my sisters or friends without any hurt feelings. :) Why is it so cheap? They manufacture most of their merchandise!

Some of their locations and contact info:
31 W 14th St, New York, NY‎ - (212) 675-3195‎

2136 3rd Ave, New York, NY‎ - (212) 831-3800

‎203 E Fordham Rd, Bronx, NY‎ - (718) 329-2708‎

I got that red shirt at Pretty Girl: $5. Wanna know why my friend is laughing? Scroll down and you'll see :)

If I am completely broke, I have the solution, I need to stop by Danice shops. They are fast growing and I see more locations every time, which could be really helpful for everyone. They have kid’s clothes, women clothes, accessories, shoes and even lingerie! Prices go from $5 to $20 as far as I’ve seen.

Some locations and contact info:
2883 3rd ave, Bronx, NY 10455 - 718-993-1628

305 West 125th Street, NY NY 10025 - 212-665-0389

482 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 - 718-875-0664

Expo 2000
This store is so much fun for me. I love it and visit it as often as I can! They have a lot of cute shirts and shoes which are usually my favorite things to shop for. I know they have locations in the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn and NJ. Prices range from $10 to $30 and it is very easy to find clothes that you will fall in love with instantly. As most of dirty NY, there aren’t any dressing rooms, I’ve done quiet well trying on shirts on top of mine and just looking at a mirror. You should definitely stop by this place!

Some of their locations and contact info

118 W 125th St, New York, NY‎ - (212) 222-7247

‎2918 3rd Ave, Bronx, NY‎ - (718) 292-2183‎

376 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY‎ - (718) 522-2399‎

I got this funky great red boots at Expo2000! See that pic on the upper left? I didn't crop that pic, that's just the way it is: hubby took a pic of me and my best friend but then I complained I wanted my new boots to Mr. smarty pants took a pic of our shoes ONLY, that's why my friend is laughing so hard!

It is quiet worth it to take the train all the way up to Fordham Road. I take the D train to get there. This place is around 190 street or so. This store has so many lovely things at so affordable prices. I got my favorite skinny jeans there for $30 about a year ago and so far so good. They have a lot of accessories: bags, scarves, cute stockings, necklaces, etc. But the best deal is their clothes. Range prices might be from $15 to $40 depending on what you want since they have lots of variety. They also carry shoes! Needles to say that you’ll find the greatest ‘dirty cheap’ shops around the same area, if you are a student in NYC and can’t afford the wild prices in Manhattan but at the same time want to look as good as your friends at the club: you gotta see these shops!

Single location:

204 E Fordham Road, Bronx, NY 10458-5006 - (718) 584-8826

I am deeply in love with this shop. There is one close to me so I check it out very often and never leave it without taking at least something. Shame on me! They have shoes, kid’s clothes, baby clothes, plus sizes and women clothes. What else could you ask for? I got the cutest boots from them this winter and there is none who doesn’t look at them when I walk on the street, despite the fact that they are yellow and able to catch eyes very easily, people stop me on the street to ask me where I got them… they are speechless when I tell them that they cost me $20.

Some of their locations and contact info:

308 W 125th St, New York, NY‎ - (212) 864-5707‎

200-238 E 161St Street, Bronx, NY - (718) 293-1700

380 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY - (212) 947-0837

These are my awesome boots from Rainbow. A bargain!

I hope you enjoy this selection as much as I’ve done! These shops are great for so many of us (who are broke...shhh) and demand good results from shopping.

I am coming back later on this week with a great recipe. Easy to make, amazing to taste! - CEVICHE - didn’t hear about it yet? Don’t worry, you will :)


  1. wow - totally wish you lived in chicago! :) Maybe I'll try to put together a list for chi-town! You're inspiring! :)

  2. Hey guys thank you so much! BookWormz I'd love to see Chicago. Haven't had a chance yet.

  3. What an awesome info~
    I used to visit Pretty Girls, 31 W 14th St, New York, NY‎ since I had lived near there several years. I miss it a lot even though I have been away just a few months now...
    Looking forward to hearing more about my dear NY~

  4. Thanks for your support Soyun! That's great to hear you know that shop. I love it too. Will keep you posted with more details about NYC :)

  5. If I'm ever in New York again, I'll know where to go. Thanks!

  6. My please Sharon! Glad I am being helpful for future visits :)

  7. Next time I get to New York I want to shop. Maybe I need to start talking to the husband about it now if I want to get back in the next two years.

  8. lol sure do so Laura! Keep this info on hand so that you know where to go when you have a chance to come!

  9. I wish I lived in NY right now! Love your site and the bags! Thanks fot stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I really appreciate it!

  10. No problem Paula, thanks also for stopping by for a visit! :) I love your blog too!

  11. hehehe so do I Leslie. They are recently starting to look pretty worn out...awww gonna miss them when they are gone :(

  12. Thanks for the comment! I was so pleased with the result. It's funny I always complain about how opinionated he is when we have a project going on, but he always does such a great job. Maybe I should start keeping my mouth shut lol.

  13. lol thanks for stopping by, shimmermeblue! I know what you mean, happens to me with hubby, but after nagging for hours, the results are always good. Cheers!

  14. Love this list -- I used to go to Rainbow with my mom years ago, when she worked in Midtown. Great eye for color!

  15. Thank you so much Aiah. Isn't rainbow just the best? I love it too