Thursday, January 29, 2009

ETSY TALENT. Sellers you should meet!

I am featuring some amazing sellers from Etsy today. I am a person who supports handmade 100%. I manufacture my own bags and I know how much more quality and care there is in a product that has been made with your own hands.

Buying from Etsy is a very different story from buying mass produced items at your favorite retail shop. At these shops in Etsy you will find kindness, amazing customer services and this personal connection between seller and buyer that can’t compare to any other shopping experience.

You can click on any image and it will lead you directly to the product on their shop.

Check them out and give them thumbs up, they all deserve it!

This seller is a huge lover of feathers. And so am I after taking a peek at her shop. Her creations are beautiful and delicate and full of originality.

This lady works on amazing quilts. Her shop is full of colors and comfort. Exactly what you need for this winter! Here are two of her beautiful creations.

Definitely not an ordinary paper store! When you walk into this virtual shop you’ll be amused by its exciting greeting cards and colorful tags and labels that seem to cheer up everyone!

What could I say that is enough for this amazing shop? This seller works on jewelry inspired by nature. Every piece is beautiful because of its outstanding originality.

This shop is full of variety. From jewelry to key chains, coasters and vintage images. This lady definitely knows how to bring clay to life and make a cute creation out of any of her amusing experiments.

This online shop is full of beauty, colors and style. You will find creative jewelry with a Middle Eastern exquisite taste that you can’t resist.

This is the place you want to stop by if you are looking for one of a kind hand painted pottery pots. The colors and shapes used by this artist are to die for.

This self-taught artist definitely knows what she is doing. Her creations come with stones that are shiny, colorful, delicate and original. (the set on the pic sells together or separately)

Jenn has a diverse taste for crafts. She sells jewelry, paper goods, supplies, etc. The diversity on her shop is wonderful; there is always something colorful and pretty for everyone.

Ruju has a wide variety of bags that include great fabrics, practical and useful shapes, creativity and colors. This seller also carries some winter wear so If you are looking for wonderful products this is the place to go.

Thank you all for stopping by and checking out these amazing artists from all around the world. I will be coming back with that promised post "NYC hidden shopping spots" and I have some recepies I am dying to tell you about!!!

Raquel Gonzalez from HandbagCave


  1. Thanks so much for the mention Raquel! I'm definately check out all these other great shops too. -Tea

  2. No problem, awesome shops deserve to be talked about! :)

  3. Great blog! Wonderful shops and crafts. Thank you so very much for the kind words.

  4. What a nice feature! You highlighted some really great shops....I'm enjoying your other posts as well, you've got me following along now :)

  5. Oh thank you so much Flight Fancy.... u have a blog? if so I am off to check it out. Thanks a lot!

  6. Raquel-once again, thank you so much. This post looks awesome !

  7. Wow some real wonderful finds. I want that scarf by SugarLotusDesigns.

  8. Thanks for featuring so many great etsy sellers. I love the red heart necklace!

  9. So do I!! :) Thanks for your comment Boutique By Bonnie