Sunday, January 25, 2009


So hubby watched this movie on his flight to Israel about three weeks ago and he was delighted by it. Every time he called he would mention this movie and I was getting more and more curious about it.

He came back to NYC and we bought the movie. It was definitely worth it to spend two hours to watch this real life story.

What is it about? A young man who comes from a wealthy family, finishes high school and is ready to apply to Harvard. That year he realizes he is not ready to keep up with what most of us call a regular way of living.

He gets tired of his parents who materialize every single dream he has, tired of the city and its comfort, tired of men in suits and human popular routine. It is then that he decides to go and live a lonely adventure in a wild isolated place: Alaska.

He gets rid of every piece of identification that he owns and donates his twenty four thousand dollars in savings to charity. He doesn’t share any of his plans with any family members or friends and sets off to his wonderful trip.

On the way to his adventure he meets a lot of people, hippies, old lonely men, country side fellows, fast food workers and a whole group of characters that make the trip more interesting.

Once in Alaska, he finds what he calls “The Magic Bus”. An abandoned old mini bus where he sleeps, cooks, showers and writes his memories and experiences. His story is original but lonely, and suitable for everyone who ever want to “escape the real world”.

Into The Wild was written and directed by Sean Penn…I am sure you all know him, he is quiet a star! Most of the music was done by Pearl Jam exclusively for this movie (hubby informed me :). The landscapes shown in this movie and the music are amazing, calm, happy and sad at the same time and it could do miracles to anyone that is looking for a little bit of inspiration.

While I encourage everyone to watch this wonderful movie, I personally feel it could not fit everyone’s taste. The movie is slow and long.

My ex boss said he fell asleep. Me and my husband instead, want to watch it again and again because of how much sense it makes towards life and the beauty of adventure, as well as how we ignore or hate love, which is certainly so vital for our own well being.

Here is a link to the trailer so you can take a peek!

I will be in touch early during the week. I am planning an article about NYC hidden spots. Those places that I love and that are not listed on a regular city guide. I am looking forward to read all your comments, since they always inspire me so much!


  1. I hope your husband enjoyed his stay in ISRAEL !
    I'm definitely going to check out this movie

  2. Oh yes Dikla, thanks for the comment! I hope you like the movie!

  3. Oh boy have I been living under a rock? Never watched it. Oops :)

  4. Sounds great! Never heard of it, but will totally be checking it out. :)

  5. Hey guys thank you for your sooo nice comments! Im loving it. I am amazed this movie wasn't famous... that's why probably you didn't hear of it. I guess it could be the fact that it is not for everyone's taste, u know? could be

  6. I have to watch this soon. We're planning a trip to Alaska this summer, and it would be nice to get a sneak peek.

  7. You should really read the book too. I read the book a few weekends ago and it was great, sad, but great. I could barely put it down! I am looking forward to renting the movie.

  8. Wow Ceridwen, that's great!!! After this movie I also want to go to Alaska....not the way he did tho, lol. Take a look at the movie and tell us what you think.

    Gibb...I might try that book. Books are usually even better than the movie. Thanks for the input!