Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Because you deserve it. I am really glad and proud of your comments. I didn't think I was going to get followers so quick but I am so glad you guys are there for me.

I have been finding out how to follow you guys and I promise I will. This site is a bit new to me and I haven't found out how to do everything...if any of you wants to give me a quick 3 second tutorial on how to follow other people I will definitely appreciate it.

Other than that, I'll be in touch later on today. Seems like there won't be a whole post today since hubby just texted me: Let's go and celebrate our Unemployement".... it cracked me out I got to say! lol

He had been laid off from his last job but thank God he found a new one and he will be starting on Monday... we can't afford 2 unemployed people at home!!! lol

I need to leave now, but thank you for your amazing support! I will be back in touch later while I try to develop an interesting topic for you to read!


  1. Hi
    I am new at this whole blogging thing too, and i have little idea how to use it, like how to search for a specific blog!
    Sorry to hear about your unemployment. I am so many members of my family out of work and it is tearing them apart, so i can totallt empathise. I really hope you both find something to help you survive until you find what you really want to do.

  2. Hey Tattoed angel, thanks for the comment... I appreciate the wishes.... hubby found a job so he'll be fine for a while...I instead....quit... I really want to dedicate myself to design and manufacture bags... I know I wont make money on the beginning but I am just so into it....

  3. I understand about the unemployment, I think everyone does at this time. I feel your pain, I just recently had to get a new job, I think the blog is nice, I'll follow.

  4. My halloween costume this year was the "rare and endangered employed person". (My boss didn't think it was that funny).

    Good luck with the job situation dear!

  5. Guys thanks for your comments. Blogging is definitely a lot of fun! I never thought I could do it...still learning a lot but willing to do everything!

  6. My husband's company is closing down, luckily he already found a new job and started there this week. Phew!

  7. Brighton good for you!!! My husband also will start next week.... while I had crazy craving of quitting my job, hubby was losing his... it was not fun to think about it but I think enjoyed his month and a half vacation at least, lol

  8. PWN Star.........lmao!!! bitter boss, lol