Tuesday, January 20, 2009


See??? I told you I was frustrated! This is one of the three days I spent reading the manual... yes, that little book on the lower part of the table: Is The Manual! lol

After my third bag, my passion for designing and making handbags got into me wildly. So much that everyday at worked seemed longer and longer. Every single day I would pray that the clock would run fast so I could come home and work.

But the real intentions of making a living out of my passion came when I discovered 1000markets, Etsy, Artfire, and a whole venue where I could sell my handmade goods.

I explored every site restlessly for about four months. My job, which I was so happy with on the beginning, started to tire me up for not being even close to what I wanted to do.

Well, surprisingly I am currently giving my boss a notice of a month, but it will be over tomorrow and I’ll be working on my bags full time.

You might be asking yourself if I am rich or if I don’t have any responsibilities to take care of, as I have quit my job this way. You may also ask why I have so much faith that a simple craft might be able to support me.

To these questions I can only say I don’t know why I have such a good feeling about the jump that I’ve taken. I am a regular person who lives paycheck to paycheck and I do have responsibilities, especially with myself and my skills.

For those of you who have a real passion for art and are afraid of taking a step forward, it doesn’t get any easier as you try to forget about it while covering it up with an office job. Real passion deserves to be noticed. I do not know if this is what they call “living life to the fullest” but I do know that beauty comes back to life when you create.
These are my first three bags...do I really have to explain the order?
Green was the first, then the gray and my third bag is the red...I made it for myself and take it everywhere, I love it so much!

YOU CAN VIEW SOME OF MY MOST RECENT CREATIONS HERE: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6371723



  1. Your bags look beautiful! Keep up the work.

  2. wow ... you do great work. Your bags are beautiful!!

    I admire you for taking the jump and pursuing your passion.

    Best of lucky always!

    Small Footprints

  3. Thank you guys.... on my last blog I was thanking you btw!

  4. Your bags are beautiful, my daughter would LOVE them. Good luck with the blog, good luck with the bags...

    All the best,


  5. Thanks Amanda! I am flattered you like them!

  6. wow - so brave! I've hearted your shop, and will keep you in mind when purchasing! GOOOD LUCK!!!


  7. Thank you so much BookWormz! It would be awesome to have you as a customer!

  8. I must say that the gray bag is my fave! I like the design that you made. Keep on sewing =)