Monday, February 9, 2009


This is a pretty well known seafood cocktail that many latin countries love. Different countries have different ways to do it as well as different ingredients; however the costarrican ceviche will suit you and your friends just fine!

It’s easy to make and amazing to taste. If you are planning an easy going get together with friends; this cocktail will be gone within minutes! Happened to me at a party I threw at my place; and just so you see that I am right, most of the people who came were French, Israelis and Americans.

What goes best with ceviche? Beer indeed! but that is not a rule. It also makes a great appetizer.

Have a party to give? Let’s get those hands to work then!

Ingredients (this will be enough for about 3 people depending on how much they want to eat)
1 White onion
1 Roll of cilantro
1 Sweet pepper (I like to use red, but you can also use green sweet pepper)
4 Tilapia fillets
7 lemons (or limes)
1 small bottle of ginger ale
Salt and pepper

-First, we are going to chop (finely) onion, cilantro and sweet pepper.

- Next, chop the tilapia fillets, I'd say about 1/2" squares, but you can make them a bit bigger or smaller if you'd like.

- Depending on how juicy your lemons are, you will need to squeeze them to at least almost cover the whole mix. Remember that the lemon is the most important ingredient; because it will "cook" the tilapia!

- Now, don't give me that weird look! lol, this is an important step! You will add about half a bottle of Ginger Ale. Don't worry, it won't taste when the ceviche is ready. This step helps the ceviche to NOT taste extremely acidic.

- Add salt and pepper until it tastes good to you, et voilà! You got yourself a treat. Now, cover up the bowl (with shrink wrap or whatever you preffer) and leave it in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours. When you get it out, you will notice that the fish has changed its color and now it's pretty white. Serve cold with crackers.

I hope you enjoy this tasty and healthy combination! Your comments will be always appreciated! :) See you all soon on my next post!


  1. That looks absolutely yummy!

  2. ya me entro ganas de zampármelo! pero aqui no se si hay ginger ale....... como le ponga fanta naranja..jajaja

  3. jajajaja como que no hay ginger ale??? De veras? si hasta alla en nuestra tierra hay!!! Buscá, buscá, si no debe haber algo parecido, que no sea fanta! lol

  4. Wow, what a lovely looking meal! Unfortunately, I'm not too fabulous in the cooking department - that's why I have my boyfriend! :)

  5. I was JUST craving this amazing when life aligns PERFECTLY ;)

  6. I love ceviche!!! Thanks for sharing.