Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So, I was watching a show by George Carlin, may rest in peace this shortly known hero of mine. He was cracking me up while saying: … “what is “Have a good day” supposed to mean? What if I had 364 good days in row and I don’t want to have a good day?”

While this one doesn’t bug me at all - To be honest I didn’t ever think about it - I have a few of my own that I want people to STOP telling me :)

Live your life to the fullest: I promised you before I was going to talk about this one sometime. I don’t think there is a person in the world who has ever done that. How does anyone on this world even realizes that his/her life is being lived to the fullest… Could it mean: to the foolest? Lol. The successful businessman wants more time to spend with his family. The library woman wanted to be an exotic dancer. The traveler wants to settle down. The family man wants to be a traveler. I could go on, but I will stop for now. I find no sense on this sentence: Not that I don’t try to make my life good enough, but this famous saying could make a person feel very miserable if you taken seriously: where and how do you make this wonderful situation happen??

I want a woman who knows what she wants: Sorry, could you say that again? Lol Same applies to us (ladies) when we dare to say something like this. It doesn’t matter how confident a person is, it’s quiet selfish to expect your other half to know what they want, isn’t it? Even though you know that you jump into uncertainty every once in a while? Some of us jump on big wholes of confusion as to what to do with our lives, so when I hear people saying such a senseless sentence I dare to think to myself: Sorry to hear you expect to find someone who doesn’t question herself!

We are not hiring right now but you can fill up an application: I know how much you are probably laughing at me right now…I am laughing at myself too. I never filled up an application and expected a phone call, because it simply doesn’t happen. Unless you talk to the big guy, the chances of getting a job through filling up an application, at least for me, are just sooo little.

Never mind, forget about it!: How can I forget about it if you are just making me more curious about it? No, I don’t usually give up just by hearing this. Why would anybody say something that at the end doesn’t really matter if it is heard???

These are just a few of my own, come on over and share yours and share the laughter! Coming soon: A great Caribbean style recipe: Beef stew with coconut milk. The flavor is just sooo amazing!!! :)
Best to you:
Raquel Gonzalez


  1. I have always had a very general rule...

    Men know what they want but can almost never get it.

    Women can almost get whatever they want but can never decide what they want

    I agree on the list btw!! :)

  2. So
    Hate the last one...I feel sorry for the fool who tries to tell me that:P

  3. LOL Faker you that is soooo right!

    Alpha thanks for stopping by, glad I can cheer you up! :)