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Thursday, January 29, 2009

ETSY TALENT. Sellers you should meet!

I am featuring some amazing sellers from Etsy today. I am a person who supports handmade 100%. I manufacture my own bags and I know how much more quality and care there is in a product that has been made with your own hands.

Buying from Etsy is a very different story from buying mass produced items at your favorite retail shop. At these shops in Etsy you will find kindness, amazing customer services and this personal connection between seller and buyer that can’t compare to any other shopping experience.

You can click on any image and it will lead you directly to the product on their shop.

Check them out and give them thumbs up, they all deserve it!

This seller is a huge lover of feathers. And so am I after taking a peek at her shop. Her creations are beautiful and delicate and full of originality.

This lady works on amazing quilts. Her shop is full of colors and comfort. Exactly what you need for this winter! Here are two of her beautiful creations.

Definitely not an ordinary paper store! When you walk into this virtual shop you’ll be amused by its exciting greeting cards and colorful tags and labels that seem to cheer up everyone!

What could I say that is enough for this amazing shop? This seller works on jewelry inspired by nature. Every piece is beautiful because of its outstanding originality.

This shop is full of variety. From jewelry to key chains, coasters and vintage images. This lady definitely knows how to bring clay to life and make a cute creation out of any of her amusing experiments.

This online shop is full of beauty, colors and style. You will find creative jewelry with a Middle Eastern exquisite taste that you can’t resist.

This is the place you want to stop by if you are looking for one of a kind hand painted pottery pots. The colors and shapes used by this artist are to die for.

This self-taught artist definitely knows what she is doing. Her creations come with stones that are shiny, colorful, delicate and original. (the set on the pic sells together or separately)

Jenn has a diverse taste for crafts. She sells jewelry, paper goods, supplies, etc. The diversity on her shop is wonderful; there is always something colorful and pretty for everyone.

Ruju has a wide variety of bags that include great fabrics, practical and useful shapes, creativity and colors. This seller also carries some winter wear so If you are looking for wonderful products this is the place to go.

Thank you all for stopping by and checking out these amazing artists from all around the world. I will be coming back with that promised post "NYC hidden shopping spots" and I have some recepies I am dying to tell you about!!!

Raquel Gonzalez from HandbagCave

Sunday, January 25, 2009


So hubby watched this movie on his flight to Israel about three weeks ago and he was delighted by it. Every time he called he would mention this movie and I was getting more and more curious about it.

He came back to NYC and we bought the movie. It was definitely worth it to spend two hours to watch this real life story.

What is it about? A young man who comes from a wealthy family, finishes high school and is ready to apply to Harvard. That year he realizes he is not ready to keep up with what most of us call a regular way of living.

He gets tired of his parents who materialize every single dream he has, tired of the city and its comfort, tired of men in suits and human popular routine. It is then that he decides to go and live a lonely adventure in a wild isolated place: Alaska.

He gets rid of every piece of identification that he owns and donates his twenty four thousand dollars in savings to charity. He doesn’t share any of his plans with any family members or friends and sets off to his wonderful trip.

On the way to his adventure he meets a lot of people, hippies, old lonely men, country side fellows, fast food workers and a whole group of characters that make the trip more interesting.

Once in Alaska, he finds what he calls “The Magic Bus”. An abandoned old mini bus where he sleeps, cooks, showers and writes his memories and experiences. His story is original but lonely, and suitable for everyone who ever want to “escape the real world”.

Into The Wild was written and directed by Sean Penn…I am sure you all know him, he is quiet a star! Most of the music was done by Pearl Jam exclusively for this movie (hubby informed me :). The landscapes shown in this movie and the music are amazing, calm, happy and sad at the same time and it could do miracles to anyone that is looking for a little bit of inspiration.

While I encourage everyone to watch this wonderful movie, I personally feel it could not fit everyone’s taste. The movie is slow and long.

My ex boss said he fell asleep. Me and my husband instead, want to watch it again and again because of how much sense it makes towards life and the beauty of adventure, as well as how we ignore or hate love, which is certainly so vital for our own well being.

Here is a link to the trailer so you can take a peek!

I will be in touch early during the week. I am planning an article about NYC hidden spots. Those places that I love and that are not listed on a regular city guide. I am looking forward to read all your comments, since they always inspire me so much!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I am really into "Into The Wild"

I am writting a post about this movie and I will hopefuly post it tomorrow.

I don't know why this movie has touched my heart so much but I can only say it was done to inspire and meditate. Amazing melodies, places, adventures and situations that people like you and me live day to day.

I feel very glad I laid on the couch for 2 hours or more to watch this real life story! See you tomorrow guys and I hope you are all getting prepared for the weekend because I am really looking forward to it, whooo hooo!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Because you deserve it. I am really glad and proud of your comments. I didn't think I was going to get followers so quick but I am so glad you guys are there for me.

I have been finding out how to follow you guys and I promise I will. This site is a bit new to me and I haven't found out how to do everything...if any of you wants to give me a quick 3 second tutorial on how to follow other people I will definitely appreciate it.

Other than that, I'll be in touch later on today. Seems like there won't be a whole post today since hubby just texted me: Let's go and celebrate our Unemployement".... it cracked me out I got to say! lol

He had been laid off from his last job but thank God he found a new one and he will be starting on Monday... we can't afford 2 unemployed people at home!!! lol

I need to leave now, but thank you for your amazing support! I will be back in touch later while I try to develop an interesting topic for you to read!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


See??? I told you I was frustrated! This is one of the three days I spent reading the manual... yes, that little book on the lower part of the table: Is The Manual! lol

After my third bag, my passion for designing and making handbags got into me wildly. So much that everyday at worked seemed longer and longer. Every single day I would pray that the clock would run fast so I could come home and work.

But the real intentions of making a living out of my passion came when I discovered 1000markets, Etsy, Artfire, and a whole venue where I could sell my handmade goods.

I explored every site restlessly for about four months. My job, which I was so happy with on the beginning, started to tire me up for not being even close to what I wanted to do.

Well, surprisingly I am currently giving my boss a notice of a month, but it will be over tomorrow and I’ll be working on my bags full time.

You might be asking yourself if I am rich or if I don’t have any responsibilities to take care of, as I have quit my job this way. You may also ask why I have so much faith that a simple craft might be able to support me.

To these questions I can only say I don’t know why I have such a good feeling about the jump that I’ve taken. I am a regular person who lives paycheck to paycheck and I do have responsibilities, especially with myself and my skills.

For those of you who have a real passion for art and are afraid of taking a step forward, it doesn’t get any easier as you try to forget about it while covering it up with an office job. Real passion deserves to be noticed. I do not know if this is what they call “living life to the fullest” but I do know that beauty comes back to life when you create.
These are my first three I really have to explain the order?
Green was the first, then the gray and my third bag is the red...I made it for myself and take it everywhere, I love it so much!


Monday, January 19, 2009


I flew to Paris with my best friend. I went back to babysitting and once again I didn’t enjoy it. I stayed six months and I didn’t do much with my life but to learn some French, visit Israel and Switzerland so that I could get back home saying that it was worth it… And somehow I think it was!

From left to right, me, Katty and Angelica. Vicky, the friend I flew to France with, took the picture! Four fun costarricans in Paris!

This is me in a very thoughtful state while looking at one of those beautiful lakes in Zurich, Switzerland.

I had kept in touch with my Israeli ex boyfriend, so he invited me to stop by on my way back home from Paris. I took a chance and came to visit him for two weeks in NYC. It was fun and romantic and as uncertain as my own life of ups and downs.

When I flew back home, I stayed for a month and organized my trip back to Paris, without forgetting to stop by NYC once again.

Me and my Israeli ex boyfriend…we were in love again! It was a really strong short romance that started to affect my cravings for freedom. After three weeks I flew to France and kept in touch with him and he really wanted me to come and live with him. Shortly after ten days I was back in NYC with my overstuffed suitcases and ready to take my chances.

I have to admit that on the beginning I was sure our relationship was not going to last too long, that the magic would disappear soon enough as it did in our earlier years. Well, I am more than happy to tell you it did work out, but my visa did not. We took another chance and got married.

This is me and my husband a long time ago. We were at a panini stop downtown in NYC... if you ever stop by the city this is a tasty bite you won't ever forget about!

Well, waiting tables stinks. That’s the job I did for a while and I was definitely unhappy with it. I started to feel a little depressed about my life going into a routine I never planned.

I switched my job and started doing sales at a friend’s company and I felt better. Then I found FIT. The fashion Institute of Technology here in NYC. They happened to have a major in Accessories Design. I was blown away when the idea hit me since I had earlier recognized myself as a handbag junkie.

I applied, presented a portfolio that the professor loved and I saw myself starting school. But my vision got blurry when my high school in Costa Rica went on a strike for almost two months and nobody could help me get my transcripts. Did I hear someone say "frustrating?" Yes, indeed I got them late enough to be rejected but I still tried. I talked on the phone to the professor who, surprisingly remembered me, and she gave names of people to talk to. I went to the school twice and nobody was available to talk to me, I emailed, called and none on earth was able to give me a little help.

I was so angry about this situation; I bought my first sewing machine and set myself off to learn. The first three days were a nightmare. I spent that time feeling tired of reading the manual. After those three days, a new adventure started. I made my first bag. It is pretty funny when I look at it now. Then I made a second one that happened to really beat the results of the first one. When I made my third bag I understood I was my parents’ daughter and that they had somehow put a bit of each other’s skills in my blood. The bag looked astonishing!


Sunday, January 18, 2009


I will start this blog with a very summarized story of my life events. I would like to cut it in three parts since it is a little bit long and so that you can catch on later on the following days. I hope you enjoy it since I enjoyed writting it and I honestly love reading personal stories that are inspiring


Small countries do not have too much to offer to artists. This is the phrase I grew up with. As I was growing up I started writing (Spanish definitely shows my skills better though :)

Through high school and my early years of confusion, I wrote three books that I couldn't finish because I complicated them so much that I could not undo the mess that I had created myself. During that time of my life I discovered my passion for creation.

My mother, who designs clothes, has always performed her best. Something kept me away from the dream of learning from her as I noticed how people would always underpay her greatest efforts and fine results.

My father runs his own upholstery shop. He could be the best in the country if people really cared about noticing such skills. I remember when he saw a serigraphy machine (silk-screening). It cost more money than he could ever imagine.
Since he was raising five kids and it was impossible to purchase the machine, he went ahead and invented how to get the same results by himself. He even created a small dark room that makes him lose a couple of pounds every time he goes in, mostly when the summer hits Costa Rica without any mercy.

These are me and my wonderful parents at a local restaurant in the small town where I grew up.

My father was the first person who got me interested in handbags and its passionate steps to manufacturing them. He has made leather bags for himself and the process seemed so difficult for my young eyes, but so much fun!

From then on, I realized I started recognizing women for the bag they carried and not for their faces. But the real interest in handbag designing didn’t come until many years later.

I didn't want to stay in my small town when I finished high school. All of my friends were ready to major in Administration, Accounting, and a whole bunch of careers that I found senseless.

I flew to NYC to be an au pair. For those of you who don't know, an au pair program recruits babysitters to the US to work for american families while living with them. What an annoying job to be honest! The money I got paid was so little and the job was so exhausting.
I started dating an Israeli student who I fell in love with in the time of a blink and we ended up not getting along at all. I missed my family like crazy and at the same time I fell in love with the city that had made my life so miserable.
After a year, I went back home. Back in my small town I met with a girl who was my best friend once and we talked a lot. She expressed her excitement about how I decided to leave our small town of small opportunities. She dreaded doing the same job at the bank everyday, meeting the same people and experiencing the same things year to year.

I will always debate myself whether I hate or love that saying that comes from every person’s mouth “Live your life to the fullest”. I honestly don’t believe anyone really knows what that means, when that time comes or when it is really happening…. But I also agree with the fact that this should be part of another blog article we will discuss in a near future.

I spent two more years in my home country. I had a blast. I moved to the coast and I was on the beach all the time, made tons of friends and lived a wonderful life full of party and laugh. But the feeling that I was stalked and not doing much of my life started to kick in.

These was Halloween 2005 in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica. From left to right, Vicky, Eli, me and Sandra. Fun fun times!!!