Tuesday, December 1, 2009


These are some bags I've made before that have been sold already. In order to help future customers with a custom made bag, here I present you with some designs that you don´t see in my etsy shop. Of course it saves me a lot of time if you chose a design I already worked with :D Please keep in mind that sometimes I might not have the same exact material I used for these products, but I might be able to find you something quiet similar or show you the fabrics that I have. NOW, This small cutie is called the Prom Queen. Custom made item that found it's way to Costa Rica just a little while ago. $65

This is the famous Mirit's Bag. An elegant yet casual style I created for my hebrew teacher. She loves it so much that she's wearing it to school everyday-which I'm really happy about- made with brown faux leather that has the texture of suede, smoked blue colored piping decorates some details on the exterior. The lining is made with gray canvas. $75

This is my first man's bag and I'm very proud of it! Custom made order from a good friend of mine. Stylish, young and practical. I didn't give it a name but you may call it Jeron's Messenger Bag. $85

Now, I present to you the Road Runner Shoulder Bag. This is a bag I made for myself and became a big favorite within girls at school. Planning on making more for my shop. $75

This baby bag is a custom product I made long time ago before I started my etsy shop. I called it the Blue Striped Diaper Bag. $90

This laptop bag is another customer product that flew all the way to Costa Rica. I call it the Laptop Bella's Summer Bag. $75

This custom order was made very recently. Flew to Holland with a very nice lady I met in school. I call this Anna's Bag. $80

This is the Nikita Sunshine Bag. A great experiment from my lab (mean my studio, hehe)and it sold out quick in a retail shop. :D $70

This design was great. So great that I made one for myself. This is called the Cherry Bag. It's large and has a strange shape that drawns eyes to it. People in NYC loved it when they saw me with that bag. $90

This gorgeous bag is called the Miami Beach Bag, I've sold three of them in total. I couldn't find this -already embroided- material again but for sure it did look nice in plain fabrics as well. $75

This is the New Yorker Bag. I deeply fell in love
with it. The design is similar to the Bella's Summer Bag in my shop. This sold out in a purse party I made. I was ready to see it go to a new owner :) $90

This is a bag a made long time ago. When I first started selling on etsy. It was called the Black Passion Bag. It was a set with the Drama Queen Clutch.

These cuties are the Mischa Petit Bags, I've made five of them so far and five of them have sold. I definitely have to make more since girls really seem to be drawn to these small bags. You can fit a wallet, phone, make up and some other goodies that we all like carrying around. $65

Enjoy! Please refer to this pics as a portfolio of my own :) There is no link to these pictures so don't try to click on them since they are no longer available in my shop, however they feel free to ask for more info about any of these. I definitely have more pictures and information.

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