Wednesday, April 29, 2009

PRETTY THINGS- Monday Sellers you have 2 know about!

Well, it's Monday again, let's try to make it fun! I said on twitter "who doesn't hate Mondays anyways?" And someone clever replied back: "Someone who had to work on Sunday!" lol
Here we have our next top 10 etsy sellers. We had such a wonderful and positive reaction last Monday! It's really inspiring. Thank you all for stopping by to leave your comments. I'm choosing some sellers straight from the comments and others straight from the forums. Don't feel sad if you left a comment and you are not in today, because you will all have a chance.
Today we have another exquisite group of tempting creations. Come and enjoy what these talented sellers have to offer.
From left to right, and top to bottom:
PaperPixieCreationsMother's Day Card - Moocowhandknits Knitted wrap
Cabin+Cub Custom wall art - Epheriell Resin Pendant
MollyStuff Eye Pendant - AllThingsTangled Soft ribbed sweater
Krugsecologic Vegan Cocoa Soap - Punkynmunky Lady Bug Clip
Brochazo Female figure 4x6 - Agmode Glass floral lariat

Monday, April 27, 2009

PRETTY THINGS: Must Have Etsy Products!

Etsy is the venue where you can find everything...and if you don't find it, there is the "custom" section where you can submit a request of what you need/want. Works like a charm, all my custom orders have been always fulfilled! Come on over and check out this sellers and feel lucky to have them there on etsy, where everything you can think of comes true :)
Click on the Image to go directly to the shop you are interested!

Raquel Gonzalez

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

AU CLAIR DE LA LUNE: Someone you should know about!

I am featuring an etsy seller this week: Au Clair de la Lune. Come and check out her shop! Tons of fun going on on there! Check more of her shop at:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009



I am having an Easter Game that I would love to have you participating in! I have hidden an EASTER EGG on one of the images in my shop. If you look for it and find it you will get free shipping on any product of my shop!

Unlimited people can play and find it and unlimited people will get free shipping! What a treat :) This could be your Mother's Day gift, remember there are tons of Holidays where a handbag gift will be more than loved!

Once you find the Easter Egg, you can place your order and tell me where you found the egg on "notes to the seller" and then I will refund your shipping fee. No cheating allowed, let others have fun with the game and do not tell where it is once you find it! Easy and fun, come and join!

PS. BY THE WAY! It is free shipping worldwide!!!